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Beautiful and accurate aerial imagery in any location.

Aerial Photography Services

Our octocopter systems provide super sharp aerial imagery and pin-point accuracy down to the cm. We can fly at height, capuring wide aerials and move in close for incredible detail. We can capture 360 degree panoramas at accurate altitudes and provide 3D modelling, all in a fraction of the time other method would take and with no environmental impact.

Aerial photography is where we started, and whilst we certainly do a lot more aerial filming work, the high level of accuracy and stability required for that allows us to capture exceptionally high quality, pin sharp and accurate stills photography.

Our aerial photography systems provide the freedom to move anywhere in the sky allows us to do so much more the simple stills, from surveying electricity pylons, to 360 panoramas for cgi rendering and 3d modelling. For real estate, it means we can capture photos from virtually every angle of the building in very little time. For larger projects such as the Battersea power station redevelopment, it meant we could position the camera over a building site at the exact position there would eventually be a high-0end apartment and provide the backdrop panoramic photography for a CGI render of the apartment and the view through the window. Combine this with Lecia Geosystems tech on the ground and we can provide cm accurate positioning in 3d space.

Our framework agreement with English Heritage is a key contract utilizing a range of our aerial photography and surveying capabilities. We can provide standard aerial photography including wide scenic aerials for promotional purposes and close up detail to show signs of building degradation and where work might be needed, to 3D modelling a building by simply flying around it a set distance and using powerful software like Pix4D to render a 3d point cloud with mm accuracy.

We hold a full CAA permission for aerial video operations along with all necessary qualifications and insurance. This includes permission to fly at night and in urban areas within 30m of the public and buildings, without the need for additional exemptions – we are one of only a few companies to have this extended permission granted by the CAA.

  • Built and operated in house

  • Experienced team

  • Fast deployment

  • High quality stills cameras (Canon 5D)

  • Night flying

  • Inner city flying

  • Surveying

  • 3D modelling

  • Aerial 360 Panoramas

  • Accurate positioning down to the cm

  • No environmental impact

  • Worldwide shoot locations

You recently did some work for us recording the wall tops at Twizel Castle. The results were great and we are using it to inform the next stage of more detailed recording (rectified photography and laser scan).

Sara Rushton | English Heritage

I thought you were resourceful and enthusiastic and a pleasure to have on the team!

Verity White | BBC Natural History

The shots went down very well with (the director) who is in charge of our election programmes. So many thanks to you and Jack.

George Spencer | CG Specialist - BBC News

Thank you to (Horizon AP) for the amazing post titles drone shot in tonight's ep. Truly professional and talented team.

Jermain Julien | Wolfblood - CBBC

Just a note to say a big thank you to you both for all your excellent work on "Robson Green's Northumberland." It's added a whole new dimension to the series.

Stuart Ramsey | Shiver / ITV

Loved the opening sequence – really worth having you guys along.

Simon Dedman | BBC News

I’ve just got back from our edit and our editor was raving about your drone footage so I watched the sequence. The footage is fantastic, amazingly steady and lovely shots – we’re delighted. Thank you so much. Put Blink Films down as a very happy client.

Deborah Weavers | Production Manager - Blink Films

Many thanks for the excellent shots of the Baton on Friday and Saturday. Everyone was blown away by what, for us, is a fairly new way to gather material of these events and the results have been fantastic.

Andy Reed | Queens Baton Relay - BBC News

I am very passionate about the work that you do, we’re still getting a great result to last year’s footage and I know that we’ll definitely be in touch again in the near future as we have further plans for the brand as a whole… watch this space!

Martyn Owen | Great Glen Paddle

Hope you guys are doing well. We were just looking through some of the aerial footage you guys shot last week and it looks great!

Chandler Clarke | Jalbert Productions

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