How much does your Aerial Filming cost?

Our rates start at £300 per hour or £800 per day depending on the project –  plus expenses (travel, accommodation, permissions paperwork) and excluding VAT. We offer discounts for multi-day shoots, please visit the contact us page for more information and for a job-specific quote.


  • Helicam (drone/octocopter/multirotor) aerial system.
  • Pilot and camera operator. Any of our in-house cameras.
  • Brushless camera gimbal system.
  • HD video downlink.
  • Wireless monitors with live video feed for DOP.
  • 4×4 vehicle to transport kit and with 36″ viewing screen (live or playback).
  • All support equipment such as extra batteries, chargers and tools.

Where can you fly?

We can fly in most locations as long as the correct safety precautions and permissions are met. Our extended permission for aerial work from the CAA allows the following:

  • Anytime day, or night
  • In congested areas
  • Within 100m of the pilot, if the system is within 100m of any member of public
  • In dry weather with a windspeed no greater than 20mph
  • At a maximum altitude of 400ft
  • A maximum of 500 meters from the operator
  • Outside of 150 meters of an organized open-air assembly of more than 1000 persons
  • Outside of 30 meters of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under our direct control
  • With permissions from any landowner on whose land will be used for takeoff and landing

We will not fly over large crowds of people, over main roads or anywhere the pilot deems to be unsafe and not worth the risk. Our systems are very safe, but there is always a small chance of failure – we will never risk injuring anyone.

What weather conditions can you fly in?

Wind and rain are the main elements that effect if we can fly or not.Wind speeds gusting greater than 20mph are unsafe for the system, below this we can fly but recommend speeds below 15mph to allow for the most accurate and stable flight.We try to avoid flying in rain (water and electronics don\’t mix well!). However we can fly in light drizzle, a lens guard is needed to stop moisture getting on the lens.

How long can you fly?

This depends upon payload, the size and weight of the camera we are lifting. At the time of writing (April 2014) we are experimenting with new power systems that should allow for a 12min plus flight time with a Red Epic, and up to 20mins in the air with smaller cameras such as the Panasonic GH4.We carry a large compliment of extra batteries with us, its is a simple case of landing and taking less than a minute to change to new batteries. We also carry a portable generator that allows us to re-charge batteries in the field so we can fly all day.

How high, and how fast can you fly?

We are limited to a 400ft max altitude by the CAA in the UK (and this is very similar across the globe). In most cases we rarely need to go anywhere near this high.Wind speed plays a role in how fast we can fly, 30mph is not uncommon, around these speeds a chase vehicle is required for the pilot.

Can you fly indoors?

We can. The location needs to be relatively open and unobstructed. For example we have flown in Ely cathedral, inside churches and could fly anywhere such as a sound stage, warehouse, sports facility or auditorium, etc.

How does a typical shoot work?

The team will travel to and arrive at the designated call time with all our equipment in our 4×4. The equipment will be unloaded and set up (takes about 10-15mins), safety checks will then be performed, along with a quick test flight.At this point the team will be at your disposal, we generally discuss flight paths and camera movement with your team and carry out a few takes. Our system provides a live HD downlink to the ground from here, the camera operator, as well our client(s) with a second monitor, can see everything from the camera’s perspective. Together, along-side the pilot, the group can easily communicate to one another in order to ensure the desired images are captured.Once complete, all rushes can be viewed on our large screen mounted in the 4×4, if any shots need to repeated and we have time, we will re-shoot.

What about insurance and qualifications?

All our pilots and systems are full certified by the CAA for aerial operations in the UK. This certification will extend to shoots in most other countries, so we get permission to fly abroad when and if needed.We are fully insured for up to 5M public liability and indemnity worldwide. Our equipment is also fully insured whilst operating and in transit.