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In June 2015 Horizon AP were authorised by the UK CAA to offer aerial services flying drones in cities.

This means that Horizon AP is now one of a handful of accredited drone operators with a permission to fly their systems within congested areas.

The summary is that we are now able to fly systems above 7KG in weight within built up environments without requiring specific permissions for the CAA on a case by case basis. Their are limitations with regard to proximity of persons and property (no closer than 30m) however this is a significant advancement for the safe use of larger drones in built up environments.

In order to qualify for this specialist status we needed to submit a series of documents, assessments and evidence of our capability to operate unmanned aircraft.  We designed and specified our hardware to ensure that we always operate a safe and reliable system.  Horizon AP have been flying drones in cities for the past four years and have a proven track record.

Operating drones within urban environments is a complicated process.   It requires additional layers of safety to be undertaken as well as acquiring authorisation from a variety of stakeholders.

However it is certainly achievable with proper planning and specific objectives.

If you plan to work with larger cameras and need heavy lift requirements we are now able to provide that service within any congested environment.

You can read more about the CAA’s Operational Safety Case Requirements here: CAA IN-2014/190

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