The FreeFly Alta

This year at NAB the Freefly Alta was announced to great interest and tremendous anticipation.

Freefly are one of the most established brands in professional drone systems.  Initially starting out as drone pilots for filming work – they have long since developed their own hardware for the filming industry.  The first drone developed by Freefly was the Cinestar – which quickly became the standard operating system for drone pilots across the world.  They then went on to develop further systems – such as the Cinestar 3 axis gimbal.  This was a servo driven gimbal system which used their Radian controllers to compensate for the aircrafts movement.  These were cutting edge systems and the Freefly team were become accustomed to delivering innovating products.

When Freefly announced the MOVI as a camera stabilisation system that allowed an operator to achieve Steadicam stability in smaller more agile package – no one anticipated the market.  Freefly are now “redefining movement” and have brought a host of products to allow creative teams more options when it comes to camera motion.  The TERO was the first RC buggy designed for low level high speed camera moves.

The Freefly Alta is the latest multi-rotor system.  It is a Hex and features an easily collapsible frame combined with top mounting capabilities for cameras.  This opens up a new realm of capability for aerial filming from drones.  The other key component is the Freefly Synapse – which is Freeflys own flight control hardware.  It has been in development for the past 4 years.  It has been tested and abused all over the world by some of the best drone pilots.  It has some interesting specialist features – such as dual control – to allow the command link to be passed from one pilot to another.  We are really excited by this system because of its combination of innovation, experience and specialism.   We know that this system will allow us to continue to create amazing moments.

Our Freefly Alta has arrived and we expect to be using it on jobs very soon – but we’re going to get some flying in first!

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