Live Aerial Broadcast

Full HD Live Broadcast with Drones

LIVE 1080 50i SDI Feed

Up to 500m Range and 400ft High

Urban Areas / 30m from the Public

High Speed and Low Angles

Operations in Winds and Rain

100% Coverage with No Downtime

From Brands Hatch Superbikes to the European Horse Trials in Scotland

We have experience across the UK providing full HD live aerial feeds for broadcast. We use a robust HD down-link that provides us with excellent range from the Drone back to our ground station, where we provide a 50i SDI feed that can be cut to anytime, just like any other camera at the event.

For coverage from more than one location, or to provide 100% airtime, we can operate with two or more teams. This allows us to constantly have a drone in the air providing a feed, or with more teams we can co-ordinate multiple aerial camera angles for true 100% coverage.

Flying where other can’t

Permission to Fly in Close Proximity to the Public and Urban Areas

We are one of only a few operators in the UK to have a special permission from the CAA to fly large systems within urban environments and close to the public.

Its means we can fly as close as 30m to any member of public or buildings and roads. Our systems can also operate at up to 400ft high, at a distance of up to 500m from the pilot / ground base. They are capable of flight times up to 30mins and move at high speeds. We can fly in winds up to 30mph and light rain is not a problem.