Horizon Aerial Photography’s main focus is to provide aerial filming services for the broadcast and media sector using our own fleet of octocopter drones, built and flown in-house. We also offer hand-held stabilized camera systems such as the Freefly Movi, and other remote camera platforms.

As an extension of our aerial services, we also offer training and consulting in the rapidly growing commercial drone industry, in which we have over ten years experience.

Company Ethos

  • Strict compliance of the company’s services with international, national and local standards and requirements.
  • Complying with all CAA regulations and guidelines, as well as maintaining a close relationship with them.
  • Our professional and technical level of the services must correspond to or exceed that of the leading enterprises and companies operating within the market.
  • Responsibility to customers for the quality of the services rendered.
  • Development and implementation of new services that fulfil our client’s requirements.
  • Monitoring of all complaints and claims from customers – to ensure swift remedy of any problems.
  • Employing professional staff trained to a high ability to ensure we provide services of high quality.

Horizon AP is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout the company’s activities, ensuring that the professional service quality satisfies the specific requirements of all clients. It is the policy of the company to market only professional services of a quality that will merit and earn client satisfaction by performing all functions reliably and effectively.

The nature of our activities places particular emphasis and demands on the experience and expertise of the staff employed. High levels of responsibility and reliability are associated with all aspects of our work and a commitment to continued professional development and training exists to ensure that all staff are suitably qualified and equipped to meet these requirements.


Directors, Jack Wrangham and Paddy Davies have more than 10 years combined experience in the R/C and UAS (unmanned aerial systems) industry. Having both worked for an RC helicopter company for a number of years, they realised the potential these helicopters had in lifting camera equipment for low altitude aerial photography. Horizon Aerial Photography was founded to further explore the capabilities and systems available. This potential developed into investing in a large Align Trex 600 RC Helicopter – capable of lifting DSLR cameras for stills and video.

Horizon AP began solely as a company providing an aerial photography service, and within the first year had contracts ranging from aerial photography for local Estate Agents (Sale & Partners) to aerial filming work for the BBC Natural History Unit in Kenya. The Kenya trip was a watershed moment and a lot was learnt – not least – how the aerial systems needed to be improved and how best to develop the skills and capabilities to deliver better remote aerial photography and cinematography.

It was at this time that multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems were becoming a viable alternative to the conventional single-rotor systems. They proved to be both simpler and more stable – so Horizon AP invested in these systems, producing a high-end aerial platform capable of lifting anything from a Canon 5D to larger cinematic cameras such as the RED EPIC.

Horizon AP has always been on the forefront of unmanned aerial systems technology within the private sector, so with the knowledge and experience Jack and Paddy bring to the company, it was decided that the company should also offer a bespoke construction service, offering machines built to the specification of their clients from around the world. The first system was completed in 2010 for a client from Portugal for surveying new mobile phone mast locations.

Since then Horizon AP has built multiple machines for applications ranging from aerial filming with the Canon C300 cinema camera, to machines capable of aerial 3D modelling and thermal imaging.  Aerial services still remain a core part of the company with involvement in a variety of projects and capabilities – including aerial filming services for the Premier League, IMG, BBC, ITV and a range of production companies.

The beginning of 2015 has seen Horizon AP continue to develop and expand their offering.  Further specialising in camera motion and control.

Remote Aerial Operators Group was launched by Horizon AP and some key operators from the UK and abroad, the group has been formed in an effort to offer an exclusive group of operators that can be trusted to not only deliver exceptional quality, but also hold all necessary licenses and insurance to operate legally on a commercial basis.