The Freefly Alta

And other in-house drone systems...


Inner City Operations

Fly as close as 30m as standard with our Drones.


Pro Helicam Drone Systems

Offering rapid deployment, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full size helicopter and with no environmental impact, our drone-based helicam systems are specially designed multicopter drones with cameras. They have minimal vibration and provide pin-point accuracy. They can soar high above or swoop low to capture the action, get great landscape aerials and fantastic close-ups. And with our Congested Area permission from the CAA, we can fly any of our systems in built up urban areas too.

Freefly Alta

Cine Heavy Lift Drone

Horizon AP have always used drone systems built in house, but with the arrival of the Alta, everything has changed. We were one of the first in the country to receive the Alta from Freefly, and its truly a next level system.

Featuring a 6 rotor layout that spins custom 18 inch carbon fibre folding props, and a fully folding folding frame. It can fly fast, fly high and stay in the air for enough time for multiple takes, all whilst carrying cameras such as the Red Dragon or Alexa Mini and broadcasting a full HD signal to the ground over 1km away – its a Hollywood-level aerial platform, that we can carry anywhere on our back.

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Medium Lift X8

Starting with a super-rigid x8 frame, we then custom-mounted our Besteady camera gimbal giving us a helicam system capable of flying cameras such as the GH4 (awesome 4K) and the A7S (amazing low-light capabilities) with many different lenses, in a lightweight, powerful system that is superb in high winds.

Inspire X5

For its size and weight, and ease of use, this is an incredible little drone. We can provide up to 4K, 25p resolution, with a variety of lenses, up to about 90mm full-frame equivalent. We can fly fast, through tight areas and small gaps, and travel just about anywhere. Our single-op package is a budget-friendly £800 per day.

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