Panasonic GH4 arrives at Horizon AP

Our new Panasonic GH4 has arrived. We’ve had a little bit of time to get it balanced on our aerial system take it for a quick fly. We did a few flights at 1080, 4K and testing the higher frame rate capabilities.

The GH4 is going to be our go to camera for most shoots, its lightweight and packed with features making it perfect for aerial and hand held work alike. The camera fits great on our Besteady and the down-link worked fine, although there is a tiny bit of vibration, need top fine tune a little! We’ll also soon have a controller for start/stop record and remote zoom, which should be awesome, especially as the remote app has a short range, and isn’t too reliable!

Initial thoughts are that 4K looks nice and sharp and down-samples to 1080 great, although it is limited to 25p which we find causes a bit of blur in fast pans etc. No rolling shutter issues though (well done Besteady)! 1080 looks great and at 50p nice and smooth with no blur, this at 100mbits will most likely be what we use most of the time, although its great to have a super high 200mbit option! Finally, high speed/slomo, the Gh4 will go up to 96fps at 1080, giving (almost) 4x slomo at 25fps pal. I think 100fps would be sensible for a true 4x at 25p, 96 does seem a little short-sighted of Panasonic. However it looks nice, with some issues. From the quick flight we did it definitely looks a little softer than normal modes, however we did have in camera sharpening turned right down, this at a normal or higher setting may be better. Grain is an issue, the camera definitely needs more light for high frame rates (of course) so we’ll need to find a balance, I doubt it will work too great in low-light conditions.


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