welcome to lagos.

Horizon AP were recently commissioned by the Nollywood Factory to provide specialist Remote 4k Aerial Filming in Lagos for use in a selection of upcoming productions using our HeliCam systems

Filming in Lagos, Nigeria – a third world country requires a lot of preparation, especially when panning to use a drone to capture aerial content. In the lead up to the shoot we had to get visas, prepare customs documents for all our kit and organize fixers once in country – as the ‘customs’ in Lagos would no doubt have a field day otherwise. We also had a custom flight case made for our helicam to ensure no harm came to it while in transit. Flying with Lipo batteries can also be a problem, so research before hand is vital to ensure the airline would transport them for us.

There will always be a few issues that come up when filming abroad, we do our best to forsee them, and any that do come up we generally overcome. Of particular note when filming in Lagos, was the power cuts, and power surges, these caused our charging equipment to blow on the first day. After a manic afternoon in some very crazy markets, we sourced a new power supply and were back up and running! Heat was also an issue, 40 degrees Celsius with near 100% humidity meant our helicam overheated fast, an air conditioned vehicle proved the answer, cooling the system whenever we could.

people and places.

Lagos is full of amazing people and amazing places

A location of note has to be the Third Mainland Bridge, this os the longest bridge in Lagos and provides stunning view of the city, from the business district, to rich Banana Island, to the slums.

Flying from the bridge would prove difficult, the only area with enough space was a police checkpoint, after a lot of ‘negotiation’ they allowed us to use it as an LZ. We waited for that awesome golden hour light at sunset and did several flights at the fishermen began to make there way home. The footage was some of the best we have ever captured, well worth the wait, we we got a cool photo with the armed police.

Wherever we filmed, we always got a lot of attention, to the point where we always made sure we had either a few police with us to keep crowds under control, or we were in a secure location. We never once felt treated, everyone we met was simply interested and very enthusiastic about what we were doing.

We hope the content will help highlight Nigeria as one of the leading developing nations with lots of hope, promise and potential. Hopefully the continued success and development of Nollywood will help to overcome negative perceptions and increase further investment and opportunities.


The Third Mainland Bridge

4K screengrab, flying from a police checkpoint.


Waiting for sunset

On the bridge after some 'negotiation' with the police.


Worth the wait.


Paddy and Jack

At the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge


Lekki-Ikoyi Cable Bridge

Linking two of Lagos' most heavily congested districts


Flying at night

Showing how quickly the city is growing.


Secure Transport

No air-con!


Meeting the right people

Discussing the aerial shots we produced.


Final kit inspection

Turns out airport security just thought it was cool!


our cut.

A few choice shots from our time in Lagos venturing from the downtown business district, to the ultra rich Banana Island.

first trailer.

“Thy Will Be Done” from the Nollywood Factory – the first production to feature our Lagos content

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