photos for cgi.

Horizon AP were commissioned by Rock Hunter to produce aerial photos accurate enough for CGI rendering of the Battersea Power Station re-development.

Horizon AP have been working with one of the countries leading luxury property photography marketing agencies (Rock Hunter) to deliver specialist aerial photography solutions for use in CGI renderings for Phase One of the Battersea Power Station development in London. These are extremely advanced 3d renders that show the luxury apartments in near real-life details, and use real photos to show the London cityscape views they will feature.

This was a challenging shoot that required multiple permissions and co-operation from multiple agencies including the CAA and  London Air traffic Control for permission to use the air space in a built up area. From the London Tube Authority and Thames River Authority as we would be close to the river and railway tracks. And finally from Carillion PLC to allow us access to the secure building site, which was granted due to the team already possessing the various safety tickets required.

accuracy was key.

Using advanced drone tracking systems

Phase One of the Battersea development was only just underway, however the marketing team required accurate imagery of the views from precise locations as these would be the viewpoints from the windows of the various high end apartments that were being sold on-spec and therefore accurate CGI renderings were required to show prospective clients. Because of the level of accuracy required for the rendering’s of the luxury properties it was necessary to ensure positioning accuracy of the camera in 3d space.

After consulting with the team at Flyonix a new capability was developed specifically for this project. The actual position required in terms of GPS co-ordinates and altitude was calculated using the topographical survey of the site and development plans. We then fed these into the UAV’s flight control system. We then combined this with Leica Geosystems rangefinders to track the system and provide real-time position feedback, allowing us to position the system with cm accuracy.


Leica Geosystems Tracking

Taking off, with the tracking system in operation.



Flying at distance over the (closed) building site.


The Sytem Airborne

Through the Leica viewfinder.


Super Wide

Using a 16mm Canon prime.



Our kitted out Freelander.


On site

Full PPE required.


the final renders.

From Rock Hunter, these are a few of the final cgi renders

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