During the build up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games Horizon AP was commissioned by the BBC News Baton Relay team to provide aerial coverage of the Baton as is made its way around the UK. This involved lots of high profile locations, unfortunately the weather was not on our side – and many were cancelled. However we were able to capture the Baton at the Angel of the North, Alnwick Castle, Coldstream as it made its way across the border into Scotland, the Glenfinnan Viaduct and in Glasgow. All footage was immediately provided to the onsite BBC News team that then used it in their news broadcasts on the games through out the day.

Of particular note was the Glenfinnan Viaduct shoot. Bad traffic meant the Horizon AP team arrived on site with only minutes to spare before the steam train carrying the baton was due to leave the station and cross the viaduct (that famously appeared in the Harry Potter films). It was also raining, but the team was set up and ready to go minutes later, and after a run up the hill, the rain stopped just in time for us to take off and capture the train crossing. 8 hours driving, one 30 second take, and probably one of the best shots we have ever captured.

Closer to the games, we also worked with another BBC News team to film Sophie Raworth in Glasgow at the major Commonwealth Games locations for an introduction piece – video above!

The piece has been short listed for an award! – More info here