aerial photos for luxury property.

Horizon AP have been providing high end real-estate photography using its helicam systems to allow incredible flexibility and coverage at any location

Our remote aerial systems allow us complete freedom in the airspace surrounding a property, which allows us to provide real-estate photography with a flexibility that you simply cannot get from pole-cam systems. The small, lightweight nature of the systems also means that we can fly in built up areas, and get much closer than a full size aircraft could ever dream of, and at a fraction of the cost.

We fly a variety of different cameras, which allows us to fit into most budgets. This means we can offer exceptionally high quality, high resolution stills that really stand out. We can also offer aerial filming in full HD (or even 4K), aerial panoramas to really show of a properties location and even 3D modelling and virtual fly-arounds of a property from the air.

anywhere in the sky.

Here’s an example of Harehope Hall Estate

Harehope Estate is located in the North East of England and was recently on the market for over 6 figures. Such a high-end property stands out by itself, but any material needs exceptional quality photography. We provided aerial photography for the property, covering all angles to give the estate agents plenty of choice for use in the brochure and online. We also produced a quick 3 minute full HD video for online content.

We carried out a risk assessment and due to the country-side location, required no extra permissions. We chose a day when the weather was perfect and upon arrival, took minutes to get our helicam in the air. Equipped with a Canon 5D and high end lens we captured super high resolution stills, it took less than an hour to capture photos of the property from all angles, and at various distances. We delivered all images on the day allowing for a fast turn-around.


we do real estate aerial video too.

We specialise in aerial video, which can really show off that extra-ordinary property from a whole new angle

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