its good to be home.

Back in our home county providing aerial filming for the second series of Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green

After the success of series one, a second series of Tales from Northumberland was commissioned to film again with Robson Green in the second half of 2014.

It was great to be asked back to provide helicam services, this time at a lot more locations and we also used our hand-held BeSteady system to provide smooth shots on the ground. Just like the first series, this one showed us some amazing locations in our home county that we didnt know about ourselves, from the forests of Sidwood to the wild hills of the College Valley and beyond.

Filming the Wild Swim at Duridge Bay during sunrise was of particular note – fantastic early morning light, a calm flat ocean and lots of naked people provided a very unique scene whilst flying low over the water! You can see some of the shots in our 2015 demo reel.

We also traveled up into the College Valley, a hidden valley where we had access right up into the Cheviot Hills, providing a stunning backdrop for Robson Green camping in the wilderness and showing off the sheer amount of space we have here in Northumberland.

award winning.

Season One Best Broadcast factual production

In summer 2013 we were aerial filming in Northumberland with the team at Shiver TV producing a new TV series for ITV called Tales from Northumberland, with Robson Green. It was a factual programme focusing on the rich culture, heritage and landscape of Northumberland.

We’re proud to call Northumberland our home, and greatly enjoyed capturing the beautiful area from the air during some of the best summer weather we’ve had! Thus we were able to use both our aerial filming capabilities and local knowledge to help the team capture the beauty of the area.

Since airing in late 2013, Tales from Northumberland was a great success. It was one of the most viewed programs in its 8pm Monday night slot. It won ‘Best Broadcast Factual Production’ at the RTS North East awards and has also been sold to air in New Zealand.

We’re very happy with the amount of success the first, and hopefully second series will see. But there is a small part of us that would like to keep some of ‘The Secret Kingdon’ a secret!

The new series is currently being broadcast on Monday Nights at 8pm on ITV 1.

season one reel.

Showing some of the best bits from the first series

Watch our 2015 demo reel to see some of the best shots from series 2!

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