Aerial Footage of Scotland Prior to Referendum

The Horizon AP team has been working with BBC News and an independent advertising company to produce aerial footage for the upcoming Scottish vote on independence.

We filmed on the Isle of Skye to help produce a party political broadcast piece for the No vote. The short film will feature heavy use of CGI and as such the shots needed were very specific and complex, requiring multiple takes. Conditions were challenging, involving a 6 hour drive through the night to be ready to be on site early morning, a long hike with all the kit, windy conditions up on the cliff tops and a good 14 hours filming! However the team overcame them and produced what we hope is some great content!

We also worked with BBC News to produce establishing shots of Glasgow at sunset and sunrise. These shots were used during BBC News coverage to show the results as they come in, and the final result in the morning. You can see a few of these shots in the video to the left.