The Sony A7S’s first flight

We recently had the opportunity to use the new Sony Alpha 7S on our aerial system as part of the Sony demo film and promo for the release at NAB 2014.

Den at F-Stop Academy was invited to use a pre-production version of the A7s to shoot an awesome short film up in Abroath, Scotland looking at traditional fish smoking. He brought us on board to show its potential for aerial filming. We flew some scenic shots of the nearby cliffs (plenty of sea gulls!), bay and some of the fishing boat featured in the film.

The A7s in an impressive small and lightweight camera (which we always like!) that provides an awesome 1080p look with s-log2 as well as fantastic low-light capability on a variety of lenses (any full frame lens with an adapter pretty much!). Full sensor read-out also means way less chance of any anti-alias, moire or rolling shutter. The option to shoot 4K with an external recorder such as the Atomos Shogun is also a great prospect, as the camera is so light, mounting a 4K recorder on board our UAV should be feasible.

Take a look at the film and BTS or follow the links below!

Behind the scenes

Dens Review

The Sony A7S’s aerial capabilities are excellent – the small size and large sensor are suited to operations with drones for aerial applications. ┬áThe Sony A7S is also an excellent performer in low light conditions.


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