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Steadycam Hand-Held Gimbal Hire

Redefining the possibilities of hand-held camera movement

Hand-held gimbals such as our in-house Movi and Besteady systems have revolutionized what is possbile when it comes to stable, smooth camera movement and opended up endless new posibilities in creativity.

The Freefly Movi

With the development of fully stabilized brush-less motor-driven camera gimbals, it is now possible to get very close to a  Cineflex level of stable smooth footage in camera. We have used such steadycam tech on our aerial systems for a while. The Freefly Movi took this a step further allowing for hand-held shots with the same level of stability – opening up a whole world of possibilities.

Since, we have seen an explosion in the availability of these types of steadycam systems. However without experience they can prove difficult to set up. As we have been using these systems in our helicams for while we know how they and work and how to set them up, so having people like us on set saves time, and allows you to get the amazing shots that are possible!

Versatility is the key, you can hold these systems up high or under-slung for low shots, we can attach them to a wire for controlled descent, attach them to cranes, use them in vehicles for stable tracking shots, and of course we can put them in the air with our octocopter systems. And now with the development of out own in house BuggyCam, we can attached them to an 80mph remote controlled car, opening up amazing low angles shots at speed.


How it works

Hire of our hand-held gimbal steadycam systems is based on either an hourly or daily rate with a trained operator/ tech guy. We will arrive on set with everything hired and needed to keep the system operating all day. If you have hired one of our in-house cameras, the system will already be set up and ready to use. If you are using one of your cameras, we will install, balance and tune the system and make it ready to use. We will remain on set to manage batteries, re-balance the system for other cameras and perform any maintenance required.

These systems are very flexible, so we can also install them on a wire-cam system, ropes, cranes or vehicles should you wish (as well as our aerial systems of course!) . However please let us know in advance as this may require additional kit.

Currently we only offer these systems on a wet-hire basis. This is because whilst they are easy to set up with the right knowledge, without it can prove difficult and we’d rather you get the shots you want on schedule instead of trying to figure out how to balance them!


Beasteady One Base Kit

£ £35 | £300

Per Hour | Per Day
  • BeSteady One (up to 2.2kg camera)
  • Mounted DP4 LCD screen
  • In-house camera if required
  • On set tech support

Movi M10 Base Kit

£ £60 | £500

Per Hour | Per Day
  • M10 (up to 6kg camera)
  • Mounted DP4 LCD screen
  • In-house camera if required
  • On set tech support

+ Wireless Monitoring

£ £10 | £50 extra

Per Hour | Per Day
  • Base kit
  • Paralinx Arrow HD wireless system
  • Handheld AC7 LCD screen
  • Optional long range Tomahawk system

+ Remote Control

£ £20 | £150 extra

Per Hour | Per Day
  • Base kit
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Remote control for pan, tilt and roll
  • AC7 LCD screen mounted on remote

Included with all packages is a transport case, laptop for gimbal tuning, monitor sunshades, batteries and chargers.
Prices do not include VAT. Travel will be charged at 50p per mile, our tech guy will bring all the kit with him and set it up for you on location.

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