Before we commence a project we require that you read and sign our terms and conditions which we will send you.

All Horizon AP pilots are certified by the CAA to operate our aerial systems.

We have CAA (civil aviation authority) permission to conduct ‘Aerial Work’ in the UK under certain limitations. We are also one of only a few operators in the UK to hold an Operational Safety Case (OSC) permissions from the CAA which allows us to operate in congested/built up areas down to 30m. Operations should be:

  • In dry weather with a windspeed no greater than 20mph
  • At a maximum altitude of 400ft
  • A maximum of 500 meters from the operator
  • Outside of 150 meters of an organized open-air assembly of more than 1000 persons
  • Outside of 30 meters of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under our direct control
  • With permissions from any landowner on whose land will be used for takeoff and landing

If you do have a project that falls outside of these parameters, please get in contact. As long as we can show it to be safe, we can generally get exemptions to work outside of these parameters, for example we can fly at night, or in built up areas.